4 Kiosk News in August 2022


If you’re interested in the latest news about kiosk technology, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover ANSI EVSP, Hardware form factors, and Brands’ use of kiosks to drive in-store sales. In the meantime, let’s explore some of the […]

kiosk news in august 2022

If you’re interested in the latest news about kiosk technology, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover ANSI EVSP, Hardware form factors, and Brands’ use of kiosks to drive in-store sales. In the meantime, let’s explore some of the most significant topics facing kiosks in August 2022. The article explains the importance of kiosk technology and the evolution of its market.


ANSI is encouraging input for a new program to standardize electronic health records and e-billing. The upcoming ADPPA act is attracting criticism from the National Restaurant Association, but the institute is welcoming companies from all sectors. Meanwhile, the federal government continues its work on HIPAA and the HIPAA Modernization Commission has interviewed Access Board staff. In the coming years, ANSI expects more regulations and standards related activity.

In June 2021, the U.S. Department of Energy announced a lab call funding opportunity. Among the barriers and challenges for EV charging were pillars related to standards. ANSI plans to establish the EVSP to serve as a forum to develop these roadmaps. Among the goals of the EVSP is to reduce barriers and improve energy efficiency of electric vehicles, which is why it’s working with other organizations to make the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging more convenient.

Software stream and chain

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Hardware form factors

As the kiosk market grows and evolves, hardware form factors will need to continue to evolve as well. USB port expansion is a key component for kiosks, as these computers must support new hardware innovations that become available. Smart modular design will also reduce material lead time and inventory levels. Kiosk computers will need to support significant USB resources and be compliant with industry standards and regulations. To stay competitive, kiosk computer manufacturers should work with vendors that offer a broad range of hardware form factors for kiosks.

For example, the Age Verifier by CAV Solutions Ltd., an unattended retail hardware solution, uses a facial recognition camera and a slot for insertion of identification documents. The software matches the two-dimensional document photo to a three-dimensional image and verifies the user’s date of birth. The Age Verifier kiosk is a first of its kind, and will be available in August 2022. A partnership between CAV and Hisense is expected to help the company develop a more advanced kiosk for the retail industry.

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Brands leveraging kiosks to drive in-store sales

In a recent survey, 34.1 percent of shoppers said they expect self-checkout kiosks to increase in popularity. In addition, a kiosk’s screen should be easy to read and navigate so that shoppers can find exactly what they need easily. A kiosk can also serve as an upselling tool, providing customers with the ability to look up products and buy them immediately. Some kiosks even have top-mounted cameras, receipt printers, and barcode readers.

These kiosks can serve a variety of purposes, ranging from delivering relevant information to promoting a loyalty program. In addition to being an easy way to browse the store, they can help consumers find the items they need by allowing them to share photos and videos with friends and research the products they want to buy. In addition to assisting consumers in their search, a kiosk can offer interactive tools to explore items, order them, and even customize them. Brands can measure the effectiveness of these interactive kiosks, and improve their designs to ensure they offer a better shopping experience.