Your Food Preparation With The Digital Sanitising Station with Valve Dispenser


The digital sanitising station is a handheld sanitising machine, used for the purpose of sanitizing surfaces in a hospital or other health care setting. It operates on the same principles as conventional hand sanitisers. The basic concept is to saturate […]

digital sanitising station

The digital sanitising station is a handheld sanitising machine, used for the purpose of sanitizing surfaces in a hospital or other health care setting. It operates on the same principles as conventional hand sanitisers. The basic concept is to saturate surfaces with sanitizing agents before they are placed into waiting areas or client rooms. The sanitizing agents are typically alcohol or other sanitizers. This type of device typically has three separate parts. The first part is the handheld unit, which is typically an ergonomic styled handgrip, with buttons for activating or deactivating the unit.

DESCRIPTION. The digital sanitising station comprises an ergonomic glass handgrip, an sealed acrylic tank, and a robust stainless steel rail mounted pumping system. It also contains an automatic hand saniser dispenser, WiFi enabled and provided with a one year limited warranty. The handheld unit is made from high quality, rugged stainless steel and is suitable for use in sanitary administration settings such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

WHY IT NEEDS TO BE USED. The digital sanitising station is used for a wide variety of purposes, including but not limited to the following: general floor cleaning and sanitation, removing dirt and contamination from surfaces, protecting clients and patients from infection, preventing the spread of germs, maintaining sterility and reducing the risk of cross contamination between staff. Each application uses a powerful, fully sterilised Android digital screen, which displays a colourful visual display to assist in the identification and dispersion of waste. The display provides the facility for the quick and easy identification of specific materials that need to be segregated and the different applications can be executed in various ways. A robust, durable and reusable removable drip tray is included to reduce contamination when it comes into contact with other materials.

WHAT IT COSTS. The digital sanitising station is constructed out of robust steel and contains several features that increase its durability and practicality. The device is constructed from a heavy duty, fully-studded black aluminium frame and is finished with an aluminium and chrome combination shield. A robust steel head and tapestry brush are included as well as a powerful vacuum and a durable, rubberised hose. It’s also equipped with a removable, pre-assembled sanitizing dispenser that makes refilling capsules and wiping down surfaces extremely easy.

WHO USPS IT. The digital sanitising station runs on a single standard usb connection and utilises a standard android digital screen to provide a user interface for dispensing waste. This ensures that no separate networking or connection is required, which means that users can experience a smooth and clutter free use of the device and its sanitising abilities.

WHY IT IS SMART. The smart digital hand sanitising station has an aesthetically pleasing touch screen interface that makes it simple to operate. It also features fully customisable hot and cold packs as well as an automatic hand sanitise rinse lever that allows users to achieve a high degree of efficiency. The sanitising wand can be adjusted from a flat position to a circular one, and the pump includes a wide, comfortable handle to ensure that the wand remains within easy reach. The device is designed to sanitise up to 100 bottles or cups at one go, saving the user valuable time and effort as well as reducing contamination.

WHY IT HAS SO MUCH WOW FOR THE WAVE. The touch screen design means that even novice users can quickly learn how to operate the dispenser and enjoy highly advanced functions. By using the wireless remote control, one can easily operate the sanitiser on the go, ensuring that the whole process is extremely convenient and safe. With the added benefit of a fully customisable sanitiser bottle and cap, this commercial grade station has all the benefits of a smart digital sanitising station for a fraction of the cost.

WHY IT HAS SO MUCH PREMIUM STILL UNUSUAL STILL Urine Generation Potential. The patented PEG valve technology allows this specially designed dispenser to only allow up to five litres of urine to pass through before it begins to break down. This means that the device will only allow a limited amount of alcohol to be consumed by any user, greatly improving the hygiene in any food preparation area. Once the limit has been achieved, the remaining liquid is collected and safely disposed of in a waste bin. Any liquids left over can then be further used by any customer who wants to refill the same dispenser with another five litres. These innovative features are what sets the Sanitisex dispenser apart from the competition and ensures that every single customer who uses it receives the highest quality service possible.